PES Mentor Program

Mentors can be described or defined as a counselor, advisor, coach or even a role model.  We are fortunate at PES to have many volunteers to fulfill the mentor role.  Our mentors take their role to the next level empowering our students, understanding their fears and aspiration while acting as an advocate to support them on the road to success.  They help with math, English, science and so forth, but the best thing they do for our kids is to build a trusting relationship that there is another person who cares for them to succeed.


Thank you mentors for the positive influences you make in our student’s lives!
-Mr. Waldvogel

PES Mentors for 2021-2022

Judy Blosser
Jo Bruner
Shirley Crossgrove
Jim Cordes
Becky Cordes
Carrie Hudspeath
Marcine Klopfenstein
Kay Roth

Last but not least... a big thank you to Mrs. Sauder, for all of her work coordinating our Mentor Program! You are appreciated!

Visit our PES Mentor Program webpage for more photos!