Pettisville FFA News

Pettisville FFA competed in four CDE (Career Development Events) on Wednesday, March 2nd at Penta Career Center.

Caitlyn Girdham and Quinn Stickley competed in Animal Management.  The Animal Management event is to identify animal breeds, products, and equipment used in animal care. They took a practicum consisting of handling small animals and reptiles, cage care, and product use. They placed 9th.

Mina Wesche and Savannah Smith competed in Floriculture.  The Floriculture Event includes Plant Identification, Other Related Identification, a Written Test,  Placing Classes of flowers, and Practicums(creating a boutonniere, a bud vase, etc). They placed 10th.

Ben Boger, Tyler Layton, Justin Sierra competed in Outdoor Power.  The Outdoor Power Event is a practical method of testing students’ skills to properly disassemble, repair, and perform preventative maintenance skills on a small gas engine.  Some skills include: measuring ring end gap and engine RPM, being able to properly grind vales, sharpen and balance blades, and clean air filters.  They need to properly use an ignition tester, set armature, adjust idle needles, and check oil levels.  They also need to ID engine parts and complete a work order. The team placed 5th. Ben place 6th individually.

Sophie Sterken, Clara Damman, Luke Van Den Berghe, and Morgan Blosser competed in Veterinary Science.  The Veterinary Science Event consists of a written test, equipment, species, parasite, and materials identification. They took a practicum of handling small and large animals, clinical procedures, and restraining animals. The team placed 2nd. Sophie placed 3rd individually.

Career Development Events are an extension of the local agricultural education classroom and serve as an authentic application of the curriculum in which students are instructed.  Through agricultural education and the FFA, amazing opportunities exist for FFA members.  With over 300 careers in agriculture, food, fiber, and natural resources, FFA members can look forward to unlimited success.  They are future chemists, business owners, politicians, community leaders, veterinarians, farmers, and teachers.  The skills obtained through FFA will serve a student for life.

Emma Salmi, Pettisville FFA Reporter