June 30, 2021 

With millions of doses now having been administered, COVID-19 vaccines have been proven to provide safe, effective protection against the disease, including variants of the virus.

  • All of the COVID-19 vaccines reduce the risk of severe illness and limit disease transmission in the community.
  • The more people in our community who are vaccinated, the better we can protect ourselves and one another.
  • People who are not vaccinated, especially those of older age, are at higher risk for severe illness.
  • Being vaccinated also means you can safely enjoy more activities and not be at risk of missing work or being asked to quarantine.

Below are ongoing opportunities to be vaccinated for COVID-19.

  • Walk-In Clinic @ Fulton County Health Department (606 S. Shoop Ave, Wauseon)
    • Mondays ~ 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
  • Rite-Aid ~ Swanton (419.825.1161)
  • Rite-Aid ~ Archbold (419.446.2335)
  • Rite-Aid ~ Wauseon (419.337.5050)
  • Kroger ~ Swanton (419.825.1475)
  • WalMart ~ Wauseon (419.337.8122)

Transportation to COVID-19 Vaccination sites is available

  • Call 419.592.8726 ~ Monday – Friday from 8am – 4pm
  • Rides MUST be scheduled 48 hrs in advance
  • Rides are available Monday – Saturday
  • Vaccination and COVID-19 Cases
    • Over 78% of Fulton County residents 65 yrs. and older have been vaccinated
    • 41.52% of Fulton County residents of all ages have been vaccinated
    • Current incidence of cases of COVID-19 is low at 2.4/100,000
    • Fewer than 1% of Ohio specimens and 0% of Fulton County specimens tested were found to be the Delta variant.

Rachel Kinsman

Health Educator/Safe Communities Coordinator/PIO