2021 Awards

Today, our graduating Senior Class returned to school to walk through the halls one last time, parading through the Elementary and High School hallways in their caps and gowns. Each class, from Kindergarten through the Juniors, lined the hallways to cheer on our 2021 Seniors!

Grades 9-12 assembled together for the first time this school year for an Awards Ceremony.

Retirees Charles Nafziger and Lora Friend were given a standing ovation for their 78+ years of combined service to Pettisville Schools.

Pettisville High School Awards 2020-2021

Citizenship Award
(Highest honor awarded to a graduating Senior)  
To be announced at Commencement on Sunday, May 23.

Academic Quiz Team

6-Year Award:  Mayzie Clark, Dominic Heising, Elise Hartzler, Levi Myers, Madeline Shumaker, Heath Waidelich

Golden Buzzer Award:  Heath Waidelich, Levi Myers


Scholastic Art & Writing Award:  

Silver Award - Elisabeth Rochefort (Photograph)

BSAC (Black Swamp Arts Council) Invitational H.S. Art Show:

Honorable Mention - Jada Brinkman (Drawing)

Pettisville H.S. Art Show Awards:

1st Place - Sydnie Adkins (Linocut)

2nd Place - Elisabeth Rochefort (Photograph)

3rd Place - Jada Brinkman (Drawing)

Honorable Mention:

Rosemary Baer (Digital Art)

Bryce Beltz (Linocut)

Bryce Beltz (Letter Design)

Elise Hartzler (Glass Pendant)

Elise Hartzler (Photograph)

Elise Hartzler (Drawing)

Blayn Meck (Drawing)

Mya Meck (Ceramics)

Elisabeth Rochefort (Ceramics)

Pete Rupp (Sculpture)

Art Sketchbook Award: 

Elise Hartzler

Editor Awards for Newspaper (Pet Echoes) / Yearbook (Lariat)

Pet Echoes Editor:  Heath Waidelich

Pet Echoes Editor:  Levi Myers

Pet Echoes Editor:  Lyla Heising

Lariat Editor:  Mayzie Clark

Lariat Editor:  Harley Crossgrove

Business Editor:  Jacob King

Business Editor:  Thomas McWatters


Most Outstanding FCCLA Officer / Leader:  Kaylee Grimm

Outstanding Family and Consumer Science Students

Outstanding Career and College Readiness Student:  Sadie Wilke

Outstanding Global Foods Student:  Sydnie Adkins

Outstanding Interior Design Student:  Hanna Minchella

Outstanding Textile and Design Student:  Elise Hartzler

Most Improved Family and Consumer Science Student:  Anisha Grant

Outstanding Ag Science Students

Agriculture Business Management:  Andrew Hulbert

Agronomic and Animal Systems:  Carson Bennett

Mechanical Principles:  Benjamin Morris

Animal and Plant Sciences:  Leah Beck

Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources:  Sophie Sterken

Outstanding English Student

Heath Waidelich

Scholastic Writing Awards – Regional

Zach Girdham

Rylee Beltz

Creative Writing – Novelists

Lyla Heising

Noelle Ringler

Antonio Vallejo

Heath Waidelich

Outstanding Health Student

Olivia Rossman

Outstanding Physical Education Students

PE 1:  Trenton Moyer

PE 2:  Samuel Myers

Outstanding Math Student

Heath Waidelich

Outstanding Music Students – Choral

Fred Waring National School Choral Award – Female:  Mayzie Clark

Fred Waring National School Choral Award – Male:  Joshua Horning

Outstanding Music Student – Instrumental

John Philip Souza Band Award:  Benjamin Morris

Outstanding Music Appreciation Student

Kate Roth 

Outstanding Science Student

Heath Waidelich

Outstanding Social Studies Student

Elise Hartzler

Outstanding Spanish Students

Spanish 1:  Sophie Sterken

Spanish 2:  Elise Hoylman

Spanish 3:  Lyla Heising

Spanish 4:  Mayzie Clark

Spanish – 4 Year Recognition Award:  Heath Waidelich

Outstanding Theatre Award

Mayzie Clark

Pettisville School Foundation Scholarships

 Bryant A. Weber Memorial Scholarship:  Thomas McWatters

David E. Springer Memorial Scholarship:  Kaylee Grimm

Richard M. Werder Memorial Scholarship:  Levi Myers

Lawrence H. Schroeder Memorial Scholarship:  Elise Hartzler

Pettisville Teachers Association (Boyer) Scholarship:  Sydnie Adkins

Pettisville Schools Foundation 30th Anniversary Award:  Joshua Horning

Pettisville Schools Foundation Career Scholarship:  Ellie Wixom

Pettisville Schools Foundation Pettisville Grain Scholarship:  Andrew Hulbert

Pettisville Teachers Association Scholarships

Blackbird Scholarship:  Heath Waidelich

Derek Burkholder Senior College Book Scholarship

Grace Schnitkey

Derek Burkholder Underclassman Growth Scholarship

Delana Damman

Olivia Rossman

Senior Scholarship Award (3.3 Cumulative 8 Semester GPA)

Sydnie Adkins             

Brayden Barrett

Xavia Borden

Mayzie Clark

Kaylee Grimm

Elise Hartzler

Dominic Heising

Joshua Horning

Anna Hudspeath

Andrew Hulbert

Jacob King

Max Leppelmeier

Thomas McWatters

Benjamin Morris

Levi Myers

Mackenzi Rivera

Grace Schnitkey

Madeline Shumaker

Heath Waidelich

Sadie Wilke

Ellie Wixom

Micah Yoder

Kearsten Zuver

Senior Top Scholar Award (Highest 8 Semester GPA)

Elise Hartzler 4.0

Benjamin Morris 4.0

Levi Myers 4.0

Mackenzi Rivera 4.0

Heath Waidelich 4.0

Athletic Awards 

Tim Selgo Achievement Award: Most Valuable Athlete:  Male:  Max Leppelmeier

Cindy Richer Memorial Award: Most Valuable Athlete:  Elise Hartzler

Babe Ruth Sportsmanship Award - Male:  Joshua Horning

Babe Ruth Sportsmanship Award - Female:  Elise Hartzler

Senior Scholar-Athletes Awards (Cumulative GPA of 3.5 or Higher):

Xavia Borden

Mayzie Clark

Elise Hartzler

Dominic Heising

Josh Horning

Andrew Hulbert

Jacob King

Max Leppelmeier

Tommy McWatters

Ben Morris

Levi Myers

Caleb Nafziger

Mackenzi Rivera

Grace Schnitkey

Madeline Shumaker

Heath Waidelich

Micah Yoder

Iron Blackbird Awards: 3 Season Athletes for All 4 Years of High School:

Elise Hartzler

Josh Horning

Jake King

Congratulations to our outstanding Blackbirds! Keep striving for greatness!