2021 High School Art Exhibit: Virtual Tour

The 2021 High School Art Exhibit is on display in the Atrium through Monday, May 3. 

Unfortunately, because of COVID restrictions, we will not be having an open house.  Please enjoy the virtual tour through the Blackbird Art Museum for a glimpse of the projects done by our talented Blackbird Art Students! 

I would like to thank my art students for their creativity and hard work they completed this year (including a few art pieces from last year).

Mrs. Joyce Nafziger 


1st Place:  Sydine Adkins (Linocut)

2nd Place:  Elisabeth Rochefort (Photograph)

3rd Place:  Jada Brinkman (Drawing)

Honorable Mentions:

Rosemary Baer (Digital Art)

Bryce Beltz (Design)

Bryce Beltz (Linocut)

Elise Hartzler (Drawing)

Elise Hartzler (Glass)

Elise Hartzler (Photograph)

Blayn Meck (Drawing)

Mya Meck (Ceramic)

Elisabeth Rochefort (Ceramic)

Pete Rupp (Sculpture)