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Mr. John Poulson, FFA Advisor
Agri-Science Teacher

The Pettisville FFA holds a number of events throughout the year, including: Annual Fall Sales, FFA Week, Pancake Breakfast, SAE Fair and various projects in the community. They also help with the Alumni Pumpkin Festival and Garden Tractor Pulls at Pettisville Friendship Days.

The Pettisville Community Recycling Center is manned by the Pettisville FFA Members year-round, with special collection dates on the 2nd Saturday morning of each month from 8:30-11:00 a.m. Thank you to the FFA for providing our community with a clean, organized space to recycle.

FFA Officers 21-22

2021-2022 Officers

President: Karsen Pursel

Vice President: Carson Bennett

2nd Vice President: Clara Damman

Secretary: Luke Van Den Berghe

Reporter: Emma Salmi

Treasurer: Delana Damman

Sentinel: Leah Beck

Student Advisor: Nathan Rupp

Assistant Officers: Angela Rosillo, Sam Haley, Lily Wiemken

ffa officers

2020-2021 Officers

President: Andrew Hulbert

Vice President: Carson Bennett

2nd Vice President: Luke VanDenBerghe

Secretary: Kearsten Zuver

Reporter: Clara Damman

Treasurer: Karsen Pursel

Assistant Treasurer: Delana Damman

Sentinel: Blake Eyer

Student Advisor: Grace Schnitkey

Thank you for your service!


Part of the Pettisville Ag Ed Program

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2021 American Star Candidates

FFA Fall Sales

FFA Fall Sales - round 1 has closed!

There is everything from the classic boxed fruit, to Mennonite Pantry snack mixes, candles, meat & cheese trays, dish scrubbies and gift items... there is something for everyone! Click the photo above for a complete listing.

ffa safety

November 4th, 2021

Pettisville FFA’s Safety Day 

On October 20th, the Pettisville FFA hosted a Safety Day; a day where 4th-12th graders learned about agricultural equipment safety. There were 17 stations, which varied from semitruck safety to learning basic facts about handling horses and other animals. 

During the day the FFA hosted the Ohio State University Grain C.A.R.T (Comprehensive Agricultural Rescue Trailer). This cart is used around the state to train fire and rescue departments to use grain tubes when someone is trapped in a grain bin. Students learned what it takes to help someone trapped in a grain bin, special techniques to use for safety, and they also learned how much weight it would take to pull someone out of a bin.  It takes over 600 pounds of pull to remove someone who is surrounded by grain.

Special thanks to all our community members who let the FFA borrow equipment to teach others about equipment safety!

Emma Salmi, Reporter


October 18, 2021

Pettisville FFA members all participated in the Fulton County Fair, whether it be with an animal or a project during Ag class. The FFA participated in livestock judging, straw stacking, and working at the pork and milkshake stands. 2 students showed sheep, and 70 students took miscellaneous projects, such as cutting boards, stools, informational ag-related fliers, and soil boards. Out of 70 students, 50 received an A. 

Cayden Jacoby placed first and his ewe received Grand Champion for the Breeding Sheep Show. He received a trophy. Karter Zachrich also participated in the breeding sheep contest and showed a market lamb.  His lamb was named Grand Champion Market Lamb and he was named Outstanding Market Sheep Exhibitor and Senior Reserve Sheep Skillathon participant.  Karter also took part in the Livestock Judging Contest. Carson Bennett participated in the straw stacking contest and his team placed first.

 When working at the porkstand Friday night, members worked as cashiers, runners, and some grilled as well.  Members of the FFA Alumni and Friends group provided half of the workers needed. During our shift in the milkshake stand Sunday afternoon, workers either scooped the ice cream and poured the milk into the cups, or mixed the milkshake until it reached the right consistency.

On September 15th, the junior Agronomy class showed 3rd and 4th graders sheep, bunnies and chickens at the Fulton County Grade Ag Fest. The members told the students general facts about each animal, and were also given the choice to check the animal’s heartbeat.

On September 17th, the senior FFA members served a meal at the Rupp Seeds Genetic Vendor Day. They served Hawaiian sausage, hamburgers, potato salad, a variety of chips, and monster and chocolate chip cookies. Special thanks to Alumni Vice President Jeremy Crouch for running the grill!

Three FFA members helped out at Kenn-Feld Day on September 25th. These members set up a pedal tractor course for the children to complete, as well as teaching the students about small equipment and how to be safe while using the machines. The members enjoyed the activity.

 Monday, September 27th, 11 FFA members competed in the District 1 Soil Judging Contests.  Both teams placed 2nd out of this 7-County wide event. Three scores count for a team score. In the Urban Soils contest, which is soil used for development, Carson Bennett placed 2nd, Kelsey Bennett placed 3rd, and Olivia Miller placed 8th. 

In the Rural Soils Contest, which is soil used mostly for crop production, Mina Wesche was 7th, Sophie Sterken was 8th, and Ella Richer was 12th. Both teams qualified for state.   

On October 9th, 6 members traveled to State Soils in Delaware County. The Urban Soil team of Carson Bennett, Kelsey Bennett, and Olivia Miller placed 20th in the State. The Rural Soils team of Mina Wesche, Ella Richer and Kaleb Wyse placed 40th as a team. Congratulations to these members!

On October 11th, the FFA Chapter met for their monthly meeting. Once the meeting ended, the Healthy Lifestyles Committee held the annual Salsa Fest. If students wanted, they could bring in their favorite salsa and a vote was taken for who had the best. This year, 5 salsas were entered. First place was Tyler Layton, second was Jessie Schulze’s salsa, entered by Mr. Poulson, Pettisville’s FFA teacher and advisor. 

The chapter is currently preparing for more October and November activities, including trapshoot, fall sales, an equipment safety day and National Convention.

Emma Salmi, Reporter


Click Photo Above to visit the Pumpkin Fest website!

Monday, September 27, 2021

11 Pettisville FFA members competed in the District 1 Soils Contest.  Both of our teams placed 2nd out this 7 county wide event.

Three scores count for a team score.  In the Urban Soils Contest, soils used for development, Carson Bennett placed 2nd, Kelsey Bennett place 3rd and Olivia Miller placed 8th.  In the Rural Soils Contest, soils used for crop production, Mina Wesche was 7th, Sophie Sterken was 8th and Ella Richer was 12th.  Both teams qualified for state. Great work, Blackbirds!

August 30, 2021

Pettisville FFA Alumni Spotlight: Jessica McWatters

It was an awesome trip. I actually did quite a bit of ag related things down there. We planted coconut trees (the soil is very clayey) and we harvested guavas. The company we were working with just bought 830 acres and they had a lot of heifers, bulls, pigs, donkeys, and horses left on the property. It's neat because almost all of the trees down there are fruit trees so I got to see coconut, avocado, Jamaican apple, mango, guava, bananas, almond, and a couple others I can not remember the name of. I really enjoyed it and the people are so cool. When you take the time to get to know them, they really open up and they are so very happy. 10 out of 10, I highly recommend this experience. https://www.acexperience.org/

JULY 24, 2021

Pettisville FFA's Summer Activities

On June 24th through the 27th, the community of Pettisville and the surrounding townships came together for its annual weekend of fun-filled activities called Pettisville Friendship Days. Before the days started four FFA members helped make 16 trivets to protect the plastic table from the roasters.

During the activities which included bouncy houses, 5K races, archery practice, and more, several of the FFA members helped keep the park clean by maintaining the trash cans, picking up trash and recycling.  

On Saturday, FFA members and FFA alumni members helped with the Pedal Pull tournament.  This activity was co-sponsored by these two organizations and had ME Miller Tire Inc. as a major sponsor for the PARC. Winners were 5 and under: Bristyl Rychener and Joshua Mickelson; 6-7 year olds: Addie Nogosek and Finnlee Bolton; 8-9 year olds: Kirstyn Rychener and Ames Genter; 10-11 year olds: Elana Lugbill and Gradyn Rychener.  There were 56 pullers in the Pedal Pull contest.

The FFA also sponsored and ran the Corn Hole tournament. Eight adult and four youth teams were involved.  The adult winners won half the entry money and t-shirts while the youth won t-shirts.  Todd Rychener and Darren Clifton were the adult winners and Josh Basselman and Dane Waidelich won the youth division.   It was announced that Friendship Days will be held every other year, but Pettisville will hold an annual 5K race.

July 2nd, Das Essen Haus hosted a fundraiser for Ellie Wixom, a 2021 Pettisville graduate, who recently got in a car accident. Four FFA members helped clean tables and sell tickets for the Chinese Raffle.  The FFA also donated BBQ sauce for the raffle.   Happily, there was a good turnout.

On July 15th, nine FFA officers met at Rufenacht Chalet to work on teamwork, being a prepared officer, conducting meetings and bonding.  This annual event helps the new officers set goals and work on committees.

Emma Salmi, Pettisville FFA Reporter

MAY 2021

The Pettisville FFA Alumni and Friends recently awarded former Pettisville FFA members with college scholarships.

Elizabeth Beck, daughter of Randy and Joy Beck, is studying Equine and Business at Asbury University. She plans to train horses. Elizabeth was chapter reporter and active in the Equine contest and the Diversified Livestock Proficiency area.    She has been involved in rodeos and teaching youngsters how to ride.  Elizabeth attended state and national conventions and earned her American FFA Degree last fall.

Ava Hoylman, daughter of Brent and Vicki, is studying Animal Science, Industry Option, at the University of Findlay.  As part of her studies she is doing Western Equestrian Studies and Intercultural Studies.  She served as an officer and competed in several competitions, including Public Speaking.  She is part of the Western Horse Show Association and Sheep Show team.  She earned her State FFA Degree.

Gretchen Lee, daughter of Chris and Char Lee, is studying Animal Science at Dordt University. She plans to attend veterinary school and would like to specialize in exotic and specialty livestock. Gretchen served as an Ohio FFA State Officer, was active in research and attended several conventions and Washington Leadership Conference. She co-chaired a Meals of Hope program for the FFA.  She earned her American FFA Degree last fall.

Jessica McWatters, daughter of Tom and Angie, is studying Biology Education with a minor in Environmental Science at Huntington University. Jessica served as chapter secretary and president.  She was named Ohio Star in Agriscience last spring and a National Finalist in Ag Research, Animal Systems, last fall.  Jessica attended state and national conventions, Washington Leadership Conference and earned her State FFA Degree.

Matt Rupp, son of Scott and Laura, is studying Animal Science at the University of Findlay. He plans become a large animal veterinarian.  Matt served as an officer and was active in many contests, including Veterinarian Science. He is in the pre-vet club and Findlay Collegiate FFA and the Cattle Show Team.  Matt attended state and national conventions, Washington Leadership Conference and earned his State FFA Degree.

Brandi Schnitkey, daughter of Chad and Sheri, is studying Animal Science at Kansas State University. She plans to attend graduate school specializing in equine studies and nutrition. Brandi served the chapter as vice president and was active in setting up a large safety day.   Brandi has competed in rodeos, attended state and national conventions and earned her American FFA Degree last fall.

Jordan Skates, daughter of Jerry and Pam, is studying Wildlife and Fisheries Management at West Virginia University. She plans to get certified in Wildlife Education and work for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources or US Fish and Game. Jordan served as chapter secretary and president and was active in developing the school pond. Jordan attended state and national conventions, Washington Leadership Conference and earned her State FFA Degree.

Madeleine Wixom, daughter of Leo and Jadea, is studying Wildlife and Fisheries Management at Hocking College and will attend West Virginia University in the fall. She plans to be a wildlife field biologist and operate her own fish farm. Madeleine was active in the Wildlife competition and was a National FFA Finalist in Wildlife Management last fall.  She attended state and national conventions, Washington Leadership Conference and earned her American FFA Degree last fall.

Kayla Wyse, daughter of Gene and Judy, is studying Agronomy at Wilmington College. She plans to become a research agronomist and publish her research on Asiatic Garden Beetle grubs. Kayla served as chapter president and was active in science fairs presenting her research at four National FFA Agriscience fairs. Kayla attended state and national conventions, Washington Leadership Conference, earned her State FFA Degree. 

The Alumni is proud to be able to support these former Pettisville students in their pursuit of higher education in the agriculture industry.

APRIL 2021

The Ag Mechanics Skills Team placed 6th in our district with Carson Bennett, Andrew Hulbert and Blake Eyer. Carson was the 6th place individual. 
The Vet Science Team led by Kearsten Zuver, 5
th place, and Sophie Sterken, 6th place, placed 2nd in the district and 9th in the state. Clara Damman and Lauren Shumaker rounded out the team. 
The Outdoor Power Team placed 7
th in the district with team members Andrew Hulbert, Blake Eyer and Luke VanDenBerghe.

MARCH 2021

Officers have been working hard creating the annual Reporter's Scrapbook, Treasurer's Book, and Secretary's Book. Recently, Ohio FFA announced the following:

In the Greenhand Quiz, Pettisville placed 3rd in District 1 and 21st in the state. Our top 4 quizzers were Sophie Sterken, 2nd in District 1, Lauren Shumaker, Lily Wiemken and Mina Wesche.  Over 2200 individuals quizzed in the Career Development Event.

In the Farm Business Management Test, Pettisville placed 3ed in District 1 and 17th in the state.  Our top 4 were Carson Bennett - 4th in the district plus Luke Van Den Berghe, Nate Keim and Kearsten Zuver.  Over 700 individuals took this test.

The State FFA Degree recipients were announced.  These Pettisville students will receive their Degree in late April:Andrew Hulbert, Baden Skates, Grace Schnitkey and Kearsten Zuver.

Kayla Wyse was announced the Ohio representative for the American Star in Agriscience. 

Congratulations to these FFA members.

Thursday, April 1 the FFA held an Animal Day, where all of the elementary students were able to see, touch and learn about different farm animals.
Photos above are of the Preschool through 3rd Grade visiting the animals.


fall sales

Pumpkin Festival 2020: Prize Winning Pumpkins