Welcome to the K12 Payment Center: an online information and payment system available for our school lunch accounts. This allows parents to see the current lunch balance, set up text and/or email alerts when the balance goes below a certain level, and see student’s account activity.

    The "K12 Payment Center Flyer" link gives more information on how to sign up for this feature.

    NOTE: Even though this document and website discusses a $10.00 fee for Premium Membership, there is NO FEE for Pettisville School parents. However, if you choose to pay on-line, there is a fee of $1.95 per transaction.

    This feature only applies to school lunch accounts at this time. It is not tied to other school fees.


    • You need your student's ID number to register.
    • Make sure you register your student’s name exactly the way he or she is listed in our Powerschool (online grade book) system. For example, if your student’s name is Bobby, but he is “Robert” in Powerschool, please register your student as Robert in K12 Payment Center.
    • To set up text or email alerts, go to “Manage Profile” section of your K12 Payment Center account.
    • K12 Payment Center doesn’t synchronize to our cafeteria server between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm, so if you register your students during that timeframe, you will likely get an error message. If you log in again after 2:00 pm, that error should clear itself out.
    • The K12 Payment Center site synchronizes with our cafeteria server at periodic intervals throughout the day, so information on the site is not updated instantaneously. When you first register your students, you may not  see their account balance information and activity immediately, but if you log back in in a couple of hours, you should see the information.

    If you have any questions, contact Chris Lee in the school office or email him at chrislee@pettisvilleschools.org.