The goal at Pettisville Schools is to be responsible for the safe and efficient transportation of school pupils within the guidelines of the State of Ohio and the policies established by the Pettisville Board of Education; maintaining discipline on the bus and promoting good public relations.

Flashing Light System

YELLOW flashing bus lights indicate the school bus is preparing to stop to load or unload students. Please slow down and prepare to stop. RED flashing lights with the extended stop arm indicate the bus has stopped and students will be loading or unloading the bus. State law requires ALL vehicles must stop until the red lights are turned off and the bus begins moving again. Bus drivers are required by law to report any red light violations which may result in a fine.

Bus Note Requirements

3301-83-13 Ohio law states: “Each pupil shall be assigned and required to use a specific school bus stop except in unusual circumstances as approved by the school bus owner or designee.”

In the past, we have been fairly lenient by allowing riders to go to various locations as long as it is at an existing stop or a stop going past an established bus route. Please only make this type of request in unusual circumstances. We want to accommodate requests as best as we can, but please do not assume that all requests can be granted every time. If your child is having a birthday party or overnight guests, we would ask that you provide your own transportation for the additional riders to eliminate the possibility of overcrowding on a bus.

We would also ask that ALL riders, including grades Kdg – 12th, who do not normally ride a bus or are not riding the bus to or from their assigned stop (requesting to go to another location), please have a note that includes the date, name and address of the person and/or place where your child is to be delivered. This note must include the parent/guardian’s signature and phone number. (Please do not just state that Suzie is to go to Grandma Jones’s house.) All notes will be sent to the office for approval and will be directed to the appropriate teacher and bus driver.**

**Note Example: Tammy Burkholder is to ride the bus home on 11/12/15 with Deb Graber, 5069 Co. Rd. 19, Wauseon. (Include parent’s signature and phone number).

Please note if a student is not riding the bus and is being picked up or dropped off at school, the west doors by the atrium/student parking lot must be used. This will keep from walking through the bus circulation in front of the school and causing possible injuries or accidents.

School Bus Safe-Riding Rules

Students need to observe the following rules and laws while riding the bus: (These rules are posted in the front of each school bus)

  • Respect the driver, the bus, and each other.
  • No loud talking, yelling, profanity or exhibiting obscene gestures inside or outside the bus.
  • Stay in assigned seat with seat-to-seat, back-to-back, and feet-to-floor.
  • No gum. No food. No drinking.
  • Keep aisle clear at all times.
  • No noise or talking at railroad crossing.
  • All body parts are to stay inside the bus at all times.

Failure to follow these rules result in the following consequences:

  • Verbal Warning
  • Written Warning to the principal
  • Visit to the office with discipline
  • Removal from the bus

Other safety rules and laws which need to be observed include:

  • It is the student’s responsibility to be at their bus stop 5 minutes prior to the scheduled bus arrival time.
  • Once the bus arrives, please make sure the student watches the driver for the signal to proceed to the bus.
  • Students may NOT leave the bus after boarding except at his or her assigned bus stop.
  • With busses being near capacity, only objects able to fit in a backpack are allowed on the bus.
  • Expectations for student behavior on the bus are the same as in the classroom. Inappropriate behavior is distracting to a driver and is subject to a write-up. Principals have the authority to dismiss a student from riding the bus due to misbehavior.

Message from the Bus Drivers

Please note, bus drivers will only use their horn when backing or if there is danger present while loading or unloading students.

Drivers handle minor infractions by a verbal warning. If the student behavior does not improve, the violation will be reported to the school administrator. Major infractions where NO verbal warnings will be given would include fighting; smoking; destruction of school property; threat of injury or death of another student, the driver or self; violation of State Ohio bus safety rules, etc. The consequences of violating these rules will go directly to the building administrator.

Skilled bus drivers at Pettisville are trained to handle different types of situations. The drivers will do everything possible to safely transport students to school and home. Pettisville drivers are more than “just a bus driver.” They care about the student(s) and maintain the highest standard of integrity. Pettisville Schools is privileged to have the opportunity to provide transportation to students and will do the absolute best to make the ride both safe and enjoyable.

For further detailed information regarding school bus safety laws and rules, please go to this link.

If you have any transportation questions, please contact Deb Graber, Transportation Coordinator, at 419-446-2705.