Pettisville Elementary School participates in the Box Tops For Education. Box Tops can be found on many of the products you may use everyday. Clipping Box Tops takes just seconds…but each Box Top is worth 10¢ for our school!

Box Tops for Education – Collection Tips

  • Click on the icon below to locate and print our personalized collection sheet that can be used for turning in your Box Tops. Extra forms are also available in the office.
  • Box Tops can be taped or glued to the collection sheet.
  • If you have any “Bonus Box Tops”, please place them in baggie or paper clip them to the sheet. Bonus Box Tops must be sent in separately to earn credit for them.
  • Box Tops are collected all throughout the school year can be given to your child’s teacher at any time.

Summer Collection Contest

  • Return filled collection sheets next fall.
  • Each student’s name will be entered into the drawing ( prizes and gift certificates will be included in the drawing) 1 time for each filled collection sheet (of 25) he/she turns in by Friday, September 16, 2016. Please write only 1 student name on each sheet.
  • Each child’s Box Tops will also be added to his/her class totals for the end of the year contest!
  • For a printed set of instructions and reminder notes please see the below link.

Information will be sent home for the contest deadline.

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