Square Footage

2011 Building
PK-12 Building 98,933
Atrium 2,601
Existing Building 39,184
Total Square Feet 140,718
Previous Building
1929 23,902
1950 10,064
1960 8,6763
1956 16,360
1994 28,909
Total Square Feet 87,908
November, 2008 $4,830,000 Bond Issue
82% State Match Incl $976,106 LFI
.5 Mill Continuing Perm Impr/ Maint 7.36 Bond 28 Years
Yes: 609 No: 469
Total: 1,078 56.5%
State Contribution 17,556,629
Local Contribution 3,853,894
Co-Funded Project 21,410,523
Local Bond 976,106
PI Dollars & Arbitrage 450,000
Total Project 22,836,629
Under Budget (Jan 2012 Estimate)
Total Under Budget $2,064,337.75
Co Funded Project 9.04% Under Budget
Savings From Law Change
District officials secured change in law to make project affordable.
Old Rank # 237 (39% Local Share) $9,349,900
New Rank # 110 (18% Local Share) $3,853,894
Local Cost Savings $5,496,006
  New 2011 Building Old Building/Site
Gym Sq Ft 12,100 11,000
Gym Seating 1,300 1,100
Parking 405 200
Site (Acres) 33.9 10.4
Square Feet 140,718 87,908
Locally Funded Budget (LFI)
LFI Funds From Bond Issue $976,106
Transfer from PI Fund $350,000
Estimated Interest Earnings $50,000
Resources for LFIs $1,376,106
Land $233,555
Terrazzo $445,000
Cafeteria Upgrades $21,459
Items Less Than $2,000 $10,025
Button Up of Old Building $343,006
Budgeted Items $150,000
Total Expenses $1,203,045

Preparing For Our Future ... Honoring Our Heritage

2011 Building

  • Remained on current site because “That is where school is in Pettisville.”
  • All signage patterned after 1929 entrance.
  • Entrances patterned after 1929 Entrance
  • Limestone mastheads present gymnasium, theatre, High School, & elementary patterned after 1929 entrance masthead
  • 15 diamond rectangle brickwork patterned after those on 1929 building
  • Basket-weave brickwork patterns are similar to the 1929 building
  • Ceramic wainscoting in all hallways contains a discrete gold and black line to honor the school colors and accent.

Atrium — A Project of the Pettisville School Foundation

  • Solid wood from walnut tree on playground
  • Chandelier white globes from old school
  • Original stone rosettes included in Atrium
  • Atrium entrance replicates 1929 entrance
  • Murals in Atrium designed by art students depict previous district schools
  • Actual “Pettisville School” and “1929” masthead relocated to interior of Atrium
  • All class pictures are displayed in “The Gallery,” the hall east of the JH gym.
Surface Area 1.6 Acres
Gallons Water 5,714,159
Cubic Feet Water 763,925
Cubic Yards Water 28,294
Acre Feet of Water 17.5
Old Site 200
New Site  
East Lot 37
North Lot 62
West Lot 124
North Site Total 223
South Lot (Across D) 182
Total Site Parking 405
North Site: EW: 730 NS: 620 10.39 Acres
South Site 23.524 Acres
Other Properties
Baseball Field 6.78
Track 5.78
Soccer Clinton Twp
Tedrow Park .33
Miller House .32
Total Owned Land 47.124
Aeronautica 750 kWh Turbine
ARRA GRANT $1,150,000
District Share/QSCB $625,000
State Capital Budget $123,125
District Cost $140,000
Total Budget $2,038,125
Aeronautica 750 $1,714,780
Alt: Ice Sensor $8,500
TRG Fee $80,000
Contingency $51,845
Legal $3,000
Bond Origination $40,000
Plus $75,000 Environ Assessment Grant
Bowling Green and Pettisville/Archbold Compared
  Pettisville/Archbold BG Each (4)
Tower--Hub Height 213’ 257’
Blades (Diameter) 177’  
Blade Length 89’ 132’
Total Tower Height 302’ 389’
Total Megawatts 0.75 1.8
Electricity for X Homes 183 438

Seek Gold LEED® Rating

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

LEED® is an internationally recognized green building certification system, providing verification that a building was designed and built using strategies aimed at improving performance across all the metrics that matter most: energy savings, water efficiency, CO2 emissions reduction, Improved indoor environment quality, stewardship of resources and sensitivity to their impacts. LEED Certified, Silver, Gold, and Platinum are awarded based on the total number of points earned within each category.

  • Energy efficient building
  • Geothermal Heating and Cooling; Pond serves as energy exchange source
  • High school features “daylighted” classrooms
  • Elementary wing constructed with ICFs (Insulated Concrete Forms) for walls
  • Solar hot water pre-heating
  • “Sunscreens” on south facing windows
  • Selection of safe building materials
Turbine Timeline
Groundbraking & Test Tower Instalation Sept 16, 2009
$750,000 ARRA Grant Nov 30, 2009
Construction Started Fall, 2011
Generating Power October, 2012


  • Hallways are locally funded terrazzo patterned after, but not the same as, the 1929 building.
  • Ceramic tile in halls includes school colors in accent stripe
  • Solid wood is utilized throughout the building in the chair rail, cabinetry, and trim.
  • Limestone mastheads are patterned after the original school entrance to present areas of high school, elementary, gymnasium, theatre, and atrium.
  • The distinctive shape of the 1929 main entrance duplicated many times …
  • Entrances, Interior signage, Exterior directional signage, Main school sign
  • Outdoor areas include …
    • 1.6 acre pond used for geothermal heat exchange
    • Nature area to east of pond
    • Athletic fields for softball, baseball, and soccer
    • 750 kW wind turbine
    • Elementary PE area to north of school
  • Gymnasiums seating 1,300 and 1,200
  • Theatre seating 200 expandable to auditorium seating 570
  • CareerTech agriculture lab with greenhouse and aquaculture lab. Classroom includes computer lab and set-up lab.
  • High school features daylighting, adjustable lighting levels
  • Labs includes two science, family consumer sciences, production lab for publications
  • 1,800 square foot Fitness center
  • “Old” offices will house offices for psychologist, speech pathologist, other special education specialists, and an office for the Pettisville School Foundation.
  • Of the eight classrooms retained in the former elementary, two will be set up as classrooms for future need, two are assigned as storage rooms, one is a janitor work area with overhead door, and the final three will be used for a fitness center with access to the junior high gym.
  • All offices, including secretarial, principals, superintendent, treasurer, counselors, and director of athletics are located in one area with adjacent conference rooms.


  • The “PETTISVILLE SCHOOL” masthead and “1929” are originals from the 1929 building. This masthead is replicated throughout the new building as well as in the “Welcome to Pettisville Schools” that appears on west side of the walkway.
  • Solid walnut is from the tree that stood in the playground at the end of the basketball court. The wood was dried and milled by King Lumber.
  • The rosettes on the walkway are from the front of the 1929 building. They were located over the diamond brickwork pattern.
  • The two south wall areas framed by limestone will have ceramic murals of old school scenes created by Mrs. Joyce Nafziger and the PHS Art Department.
  • The walkway joins the second floor high school with the study hall and computer labs in the north wing.
  • The Atrium is outfitted with furniture funded by the Meister Fund.
  • The concession stand will have cabinets and countertop installed on the back wall. A video monitor will be located inside the stand to monitor game progress.
  • Concession stand floor is 6” higher than Atrium due to grade difference between buildings.
  • Three video monitors are in corners of the main area. One will show the upper east side of the parking lot so that students can see when their ride arrives.
  • The recessed lights in the east atrium are low energy using LEDs.
  • Donations are still being accepted. Approximately $65,000 remains to be raised
  • Heritage Park is the name of the entrance area to the west of the Atrium.
  • The chandelier and exterior sconces (at each side of the Atrium entrance) were created by Mike Bendele, former blacksmith at Sauder Village. The chandelier features lighting fixtures from the 1929 building.
  • Masonry pedestals at the entrance display the names of the Atrium 272 donors.
    • A clock is mounted on the south base
    • A school bell, displayed in the front lawn for many years, is mounted on the north base.
  • Exterior benches are located in the Heritage Park. One was purchased by 2010-11 fourth graders in memory of classmate Abigail Yoder.
Atrium Square Footage
Atrium 2,055 Square Feet
West Vestibule 83 Square Feet
Second Floor Walkway 704 Square Feet
Concessions Stand 708 Square Feet